Meeting with the director and the team of the Regional Information Center, Bourgas

On September 30, 2021 a meeting was held with the director Mr. Evelin Kuzmanov and the team of the Regional Information Center, Bourgas. Prof. Ingrid Shikova presented the new online Resource Center Europe and the main goal it pursues - providing reports and didactic materials on innovative teaching and learning in the EU at school, as well as strengthening the university-school link in the common efforts of the European Union to be understandable to its citizens.

The cooperation of RIC - Bourgas with the schools and young people in Bourgas was presented. Good practices achieved through joint activities and a project with the Vocational Trade High School-Bourgas were announced.
The Regional Information Center, Bourgas expressed support in disseminating information about the online Resource Center Europe among schools and educational institutions in Bourgas and the region.