Prof. Dr. Ingrid Shikova in front of Radio Plovdiv

On October 8, 2021, Veselina Peeva, from Radio Plovdiv, spoke with Prof. Ingrid Shikova. Europe's lessons are difficult to teach for several reasons. If only lectures on the EU are given, without real discussion, different opinions and the EU's experience, students get bored. With the Europe Resource Center project - an innovative approach to EU topics in school "we want to present different materials that can be used by teachers both on current topics and interactively," said Prof. Shikova.

The EU's weaknesses must not be ignored by people who love the European idea in front of students, she said. As one of them, she pointed out that it is made up of too many diverse countries and the implementation of the same European policies for all in the same way is practically impossible, such as. "green deal". There are differences between countries in countries, in the standard of living, in the ways of obtaining energy, etc. "However, this does not mean that we should not follow common policies, but this should be done at different speeds and in different ways."

"I tell the students" ... You may not like the EU because there are really many weaknesses in it, but love the European idea! It's an idea of peace, an idea of how to live together."

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