Roundtable „21st century EU teaching for 21st century youngsters - Learn EU out of the classroom“

A round table on "21st century EU teaching for 21st century youngsters - Learn EU out of the classroom" was held in Plovdiv in the period from October 7, 2021 to October 9, 2021 with a focus on non-formal learning for the European Union at school.

The forum was attended by teachers, students and leaders of school European clubs and ambassadors of the European Parliament in schools from Sofia, Plovdiv, Pernik and Velingrad, as well as university professors from the Department of European Studies at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ”and NABEC, the head of RIE-Plovdiv, Europe Direct-Plovdiv team.

Congratulatory addresses were received from the Regional Inspectorate of Education - Plovdiv with a speech by its head Mrs. Antoaneta Krastanova and from the Information Center Europe Direct, Plovdiv - with a greeting from its director Mr. Krassimir Loykov.

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Shikova touched upon the current topics on the agenda of the European Union. She said that the European Union must present itself faithfully and accurately. Students should be oriented, with a critical opinion and their own position.
The speaker pointed out the topics for the EU, which are important and should be the subject of the educational process in extracurricular activities.

The various forms of extracurricular and extracurricular activities in support of the study of the European Union were the focus of the round table discussion.
The pedagogical experience in the work of the European school clubs in Bulgaria was shared, which proved to be a successful educational form for fruitful use of students' free time to expand their knowledge of the EU, to understand and accept European values and to form active citizenship.

Interesting pedagogical materials were presented - such as current information about the EU, as well as case studies, myths about the EU, games, plays, etc., which online Resource Center Europe offers and which would be an interesting prerequisite for interactive discussions with students.

The online Resource Center Europe also offers methodological developments on various EU topics in order to facilitate the interactive teaching of European EU topics at school.

The interactive informal training "Cultural Heritage of Europe: The Great Episcopal Basilica of Philippopolis, Plovdiv - a bridge through the centuries" was conducted.

The application of digital technologies in the interactive educational process was shown.

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